The Agera Group

Each division within the group boasts skills, experience, and knowledge that sits at the top echelons of each industry, and our customers feel this difference.

Agera Milstones

The Agera group is an empowered, diverse, and inclusive company of six separate organisations. Our journey can be visually represented, to date, by the following high-level timeline from our inception to where we find ourselves today.

We are the central nervous system for the information technology industry but a brief glance at a day in the life of the Agera group may shed some light on the diversity of our organisation.
– 120 employees Stradling every aspect of the IT environment.
– In excess of 200 service calls daily, with all queries/support requests completed within 12 hours.
– Six companies servicing more than 200 clients across 30 industries.

This adopted approach began to take shape early in the 2000s. During the next decade, our small, dynamic team, focussed on attracting the ‘best-of-the-best’ in technology expertise.

2001 - Wires & Wireless (PTY) Ltd

This company, a corporate turnkey information technology infrastructure specialist organisation, was formed by Andrew Hicks and Brad Silbermann. This founding company has formed the basis on which the Agera group has expanded, the same ethics and business principles have attracted the talent and formed the organisations that now comprise the larger group structure.

2003 - 2015 - Key investment in leading technology companies.

During these years the company focussed on investment opportunities in associated technology companies, however, after understanding the market trends in more detail and securing the unique approach that set the now Agera apart, the core team made the decision to bring expertise in-house and, as such, made acquisitions into the Group from 2016 onwards.

2016 - AudioNote

A visual-video conferencing digital signage recording studio and lighting and staging specialist. Our sales and engineering team offers a distinctive view of all specialised requirements with a focus on the belief that, in order to build a business we need to build relationships, every touchpoint is engaged by our team with this in mind.

2018 - Symetrix

Founded by Ross Butt in 2017 the ethos of this organisation can be summed up by this quote “Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise in human imagination” (Daniel Bell). Ross formed this managed services and enterprise IT provider specialist company focussed on delivering high-end true turn-key offerings built on a deep-rooted passion for customer excellence and technology.

2019 - Agera Group

The Agera group is an empowered, diverse, and inclusive company of six separate organizations comprising. Our company values are at the heart of everything we do, we’re driven to create and achieve technological excellence, operate with the highest level of integrity, drive our values through our businesses and create a culture that furthers our ambitions for our people, our customers, and our group.

2019 - Avsol

The Agera group distribution arm creates solutions that fundamentally redefine what's possible with video distribution. By connecting, collaborating, and communicating with Avsol solutions our customers will have the power of media at their fingertips.

2019 - Coresol

This base build IT infrastructure and data center specialist organisation focuses on data centers, security, and electronic infrastructure. The directors of this team saw the benefits of joining the Agera group as their values and objectives were aligned and so, in 2019 Coresol was formed. This hands-on team focuses on quality work, customer excellence, outstanding project deliverables, timelines, innovative and integrated solutions wrapped in competitive costing. The latest addition to the Group provides our customers with a single point of contact and accountability.

2019 - 2020 - Agera Finance

To date, the formation of our in-house asset-based finance company not only offers our customers accessible and competitive financing options but, moreover, firmly puts our money where our mouth is. Such is the extent to which we believe in the Group's collective resources, innovativeness, and experience, we’re in a position to support our customers in a symbiotic and mutually beneficial financial relationship.

2020 - Noise Republic

Noise Republic is the specialised distribution arm of Agera Group, with a focus on broad-line electronic goods and advanced infrastructure sundries. Procurement is a hugely integral part of any infrastructure business. It, therefore, makes a strong business case to have as much control over this element of our business process, and importing of selected brands and selected product sets allows us better quality control on the product, ensures high availability stock holding.

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