Andrew Hicks

Sales Director


T: +27 011 883 6410


Visionary, charismatic; the glue-that-binds; Andrew is at home behind the wheel of his business. With a razor-sharp focus on offering a seamless process for all customers Andrew and his team, are dedicated to building a world-class business that operates as a truly modernised, streamlined & yet personable organisation.

Andrew, by his own admission, keeps a high-level view of each of the core businesses within the Group in order to ensure the collective values and vision are the drivers whilst offering leadership and guidance throughout all the teams. Andrew has a clear vision with goal-setting at the core of that vision – all the Directors share the belief that what sets AGERA apart is that it comprises the most qualified people within their collective industries.

“We’ve never seen barriers; seeming obstacles are chances to overcome. We get in on the conversations and keep going”