Brad Silberman

Financial Director


T: +27 011 883 6410

Bcompt (Hons) CA (SA)

Cautionary, dependable, the worrier-of-the-world. Brad is driven to live by his values of “what I say is what I do”; and that has made all the difference in this business, and his life. With an insanely analytical approach to everything, Brad is the person to befriend in this business; he’s leaving a legacy and he’s hardly begun yet.


Brad believes in sticking to the basics of the fundamental values that were established decades ago when he co-formed Wires and Wireless, being not only customer-centric but ferociously goal and output focussed, weathering the storms together and by ensuring what you say is actually what we do. The relationships that Brad laments on are not only with customers but also within the team, as a family man he is fastidious in his approach that this is a collective journey towards the common goal of leaving a legacy.

“We’re constantly striving to be better and we’re not stopping here”