Guy Losper

Operations Director


T: +27 010 110 9089

Manager Development
Certified Project Manager
Network + Certified
NFP1- Network + Certified

Reliable, customer-focused, and extremely positive in his approach to business and life. Guy adds his loyalty, expertise, and dedication to the newest division of the AGERA group, joining alongside his partners of many years, Ryan & Shafee, they prove that loyalty is everything.

Despite being relatively new to the larger AGERA group Guy’s positive, reliable, customer-focussed never-say-die attitude has slotted right into the culture of the organisation. He is proud to enhance the total, turnkey package, and specifically what drives him; the aptitude and attitude you bring your customer and your team; communication is key to this and certainly assists Guy’s task of managing all key projects within the group from a strategic perspective.

“We’re aligned as leaders in our industries and this is making all the difference”