Malcolm Haefner

Sales Director


T: +27 011 465 7555

Bcompt (Hons) CA (SA)

Malcolm, a self-proclaimed perpetual learner has his roots firmly in the music industry and stories are written about the people who have queued for his advice. Work hours not applicable here but the ability to transform a client’s understanding of what could be is. Video may have killed the radio star but not this industry torch.

Malcolm has made a habit of putting himself into situations or areas of discomfort which has ensured he’s constantly pushed himself to improve and excel both in his skillsets and his outputs. Nothing that Malcolm faces if seen as anything other than fun and a challenge both personally and professionally and he describes the AGERA group as a melting pot of colour – he relishes the diversity and dichotomy that the team comprises and believes that this is the key to their current and ongoing success.

“Together we can overcome anything; i see colour in what we do”