Ross Butt

Sales Director


T: +27 010 060 0011

Cool, calm, and collected. Until he’s not. Ross is the people’s person, holds the common vision, and can sell ice to Eskimos. Whilst being business and sales focussed, Ross is also intent on creating an environment where people want to be – his ability to see solutions and implement them is his super-power, that coffee – the common thread!

Ross has a key ability to look at the long-term view not only of the company he formed in Symetrix but also from a Group perspective. With the ability to not only see opportunities but also has the skill to develop the relationships required in order to see that vision through is built firmly on the premise that trust and reliability do and will set and keep the AGERA group ahead of the curve.

“We all feel the same, we’re looking to leave a legacy here, and taking everyone along for the ride”